One cannot but be amazed at the pace at which communication technology
has evolved in the past few years. I am able to email anyone, crossing
borders in seconds where before I would have to mail documents,
enticing inspection. I can call anyone anywhere. But mostly I can call
everyone, by just writing this blog. Baring your mind, heart and soul
has never been easier.

My wife carries a cell phone on which I can reach her anywhere in the
world by calling her local number here in Berkeley. She has been away
now for almost two weeks, upsetting the rhythym of our lives. When you
have been married as long as I have, its nice to have that quiet time
to oneself as your spouse travels, but the absence of routine
eventually becomes harsh and oppressive. Thats when I call, hoping to
proxy my routine in a few minutes of conversation.

The human connection has transfer rates that far exceed that of any
technology we may ever devise. Even as physical telephonic contact is
made between us, my wife opens the emotive connection as well,
operating at a bandwidth far exceeding the physical voices that pass
over the lines. And she asks – “Are you ok?” – to which I reply “Of

I sense a sudden disappointment – does she not know I am feeling out
of sorts? What happened to my hypothesis about emotions and infinite
transfer rates? Was I wrong?

And then with relief, I realise that she is not asking me, she is
telling me she knows. Logic will never outstrip instinct.


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