Long time, and mundane

Its been a long time since the last post, and I feel like I need to get back to blogging more regularly. Just been busy doing nothing, which is another way of defining the holidays. Now that I am back teaching, I need to find distractions to keep from being mired in work. Blogging is perfect.

So I went to the MacWorld expo this week. Just terrific to see all the new products, quite uplifting. And the crowds are fun. Like everyone is so nice to everyone else. Beaming away at all the new cool products, just like we were all collectively responsible for them. Everyone from the same religion, children of the Mac, pleased as pink.

The Mac Mini is going to make a huge difference, there will be many new Mac users. As a regular addict, its pleasing to know the club will grow. But there is also the mild chagrin from knowing that the club will not be small, cozy and exclusive anymore. All these new members will be streaming in, with their bad habits brought from the world of windoze. But, with more and more users, people might write more software for the Mac now, and that would be cool.

This week my students (more than usual) have been asking for the deeper meaning of what they are learning. Curious – never ever got this sort of question before, and never more than once. “Yes, we get the math, but whats the point?” or “We get the idea, but the math is hard.” One or the other, so I am doing everything wrong or right. There is a deep human need to take all learning and squeeze into some perceived framework, which I wish everyone, including students will take great pains to avoid. Best to not reference the past when looking anew. Its like not looking in the direction one is going.

Resolve to never use a PC again, always Mac or Linux. That is the most productive thing I have done all day. Maybe need to think this out in the cold light of day tomorrow. So I give the decision a few days settle. Thats all for today. More soon.


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