Sow Now, Reap Later

There are many things in life that are unpleasant at first, and only after we spend time doing them that we realize they are a lot of fun. Likewise, there are many things in life that are immensely enjoyable, and become less so after a while, that is, if we are lucky.

Many times we receive advice about doing some things, but we disregard it, because it seems dull, tedious, and unappealing. These are precisely the things that are good for us. How many times has the doctor told you to get enough sleep and exercise, and how many times have you disregarded it? It turns out, most people hate exercise, and yet, we see some people who cannot get enough of it. Exercise is one of those things that, if done regularly, goes from being a boring chore to an invigorating part of one’s daily routine. Its good for you, but you have to give yourself time to see that. And thats the rub – most of us never do.

Television, on the other hand, has instant appeal. Who can resist the tube if there is nothing else to do? So, its an example of something that takes very little time to get used to, yet after a while, most of realize that its not terribly the best way to spend one’s time, and it comes with couch-potato related ailments, both mental and physical, so we eventually reduce our engagement. Too bad, a huge percentage of the population does not, and are badly afflicted with the disease, and sad to say, many are children.

Bad things are easy to get into and hard to get out of. Good habits are difficult to form, but once in place are also hard to get out of. I guess I just defined habit. Duh. But seriously, it only underlines the need to be careful about the habits one forms.

There are so many things we may think of that are good for us, but are resisted deeply. Take reading for example. Initially, most children resist regular reading – it requires mental effort and active engagement, which Good Friend of Passive Living TV does not demand from us. But once over the hump, children become voracious readers. No one needs to tell them its a good thing – reading has that quality within that makes children “know”.

Learning a musical instrument – it can be frustrating, as the initial period is also ego defeating. You are absolutely sure there is no musical bone in your body, as the musical instrument wails in pain at your touch. But eventually, time passes, the notes sound better and better, and you become a musician. From then on, you need a daily fix, some time to play, and it opens up a lifetime of satisfaction.

The simple good things of life are wonderful. They require some investment, but they always pay off. And the investment is often quite small relative to the bounty they bring. What else can be so rewarding – nothing money can buy.

The distractions in life pay off in the short term. Indeed, they feel like a free lunch, for with no investment, you get some pleasure. But in the end they take a toll on your life, and you realize, it was no free lunch, the payment was just back-ended.

It’s all pretty obvious, which is why I am left wondering why it took me so long to get it!


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