On Creativity

I recently had an interesting email conversation on creativity. So I figured I would list ten things that I believe about the creative process:

  1. Creativity works better in the absence of distractions.
  2. It takes work to get into a creative mood. There is a hump to get over.
  3. There is a link between mindfulness and creativity. Meditation can help being mindful, and hence clearing the mind is an essential cleansing in preparation for good work.
  4. Its hard to be creative when you are too sure of where you want to end up.
  5. Creativity is all about the process, not the goal.
  6. It needs deep think, and then down time for background processing. Being creative is not a matter of a single epiphany – it takes many sessions of sink time.
  7. Being motivated by money is a negative – it allows the goal to supercede the process.
  8. Sometimes you need to change environment to light the spark, or in other words, you cannot think outside the box if you are sitting in it!
  9. Creativity is a gift you cultivate and give yourself, but it has an impact on more than many.
  10. Creativity does not have to be paradigm shifting – even learning about yourself is highly creative.

Being creative is a process that comes from truly taking responsibility to learn from your own actions, and not being dependent on anyone else for it. Find yourself a creative person, and you will see someone who has failed many times, but has not given up trying to learn.


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