Loving Writing

What makes writing a labor of love? Appropriate to discuss this on Valentine’s day I suppose! Following up on my writer’s block article, here are eleven things that keep me writing:

  1. Read a lot of books, mainly non-fiction.
  2. Write a little bit every day, stay in touch, stay in form. Its an imperative, not a choice.
  3. If you get stuck, handwrite first, it usually releases word-processing block.
  4. Keep a chunk of time free for writing, free from people and email.
  5. Write at a time of the day that ensures emotional calm for you, usually before doing anything else.
  6. Always have two to three favorite writing places, such that at least one is always accessible.
  7. Use good writing instruments, they make a bigger difference than one would perceive.
  8. When word processing, make the pages look aesthetically pleasing, and if this means ignoring journal guidelines, go right ahead!
  9. Make outlines before word-processing – sometimes very detailed, at other times sketchy, as required.
  10. Beware of administrative work – it is the disease that impedes writing, while making you feel like you are justifying your existence. Administration is anathema to academia. If you find yourself doing too much, start worrying deeply about your writing.
  11. Be creative and have fun in the process.


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